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Practice Areas



We specialize in small to medium business taxation as well as individual taxation. We assist our clients with filing their tax returns. New clients are requested to provide us with the prior year's tax return as well as the current year's tax information. Current clients will need to provide tax information for the current year only. While helping our clients, we ask that they are ready to send in any tax information in a timely manner via in person, mail, fax, or through our portal, so that we can work our way to properly completing any returns. If there are any questions about taxes or need any advice, feel free to contact us. 



We help our clients who run businesses with their payroll processing and generate their employees paychecks. We also process payroll tax payment for quarterly and annual payroll tax returns. New clients will be required to complete a payroll setup process.

Retirement Planning


We are also available to help individuals with their retirement plan. We specifically help our clients with potential tax saving regarding retirement contributions and advise them on what the best course of action would be.



We help small business clients do accounting work monthly, quarterly, or annually. Some clients have us do full service bookkeeping while other clients provide a QuickBooks backup and upload it to our portal. If client want to do their own accounting in QuickBooks, we can provide training for that.

Secure Documentation


Due to new IRS data security regulations, and because we handle sensitive information, we are required to ask our clients to send electronic information directly to us via ImagineShare. ImagineShare allows us to send and receive sensitive information without a potential data breach. Any information sent via regular email is not secure and is not recommended. Pictures sent to our phones cannot be printed or forwarded to our office.  If you have any questions about this process, please contact us.

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